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20-10-2015 / 23-03-2017 / 15-04-2015 / 22-11-2015 / 22-11-2015

waiting for departure / talk radio, on: financial crisis, a refugee crisis, terror, the end of the welfare state, world war 3, global warming and der untergang des abendlandes… and fear, overwhelming fear / talk radio, off / classic pop, on /the pretenders: ‘thin line between love and hate’ / ı like the logic of an elephant path — my ‘life during wartime’ / nietzsche loves jesus / nonconformist believers, unite / a non-religious and intergalactic love story / let me take you there, to a place where the sun always shines / where roasted chickens y into my mouth / ‘gold and silver’, ‘these metals to be laid-up in any tower’, the masters, ‘make others wear a chain or a coronet of the same metal’ / the truth is an opinion, all swans are white, hey guys! that swan is black / or is it not? / grumble non stop in 140 characters / didn’t do it, it is a witch hunt / yes, being guilty by suspicion and innocent by alternative facts / ‘ı guess ı heard it all, cause the talk is loud and the walls are too thin’ / jesus loves nietzsche, also sprach zarathustra / ‘how ı can be sure?’ — jesus said ‘if you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains’ / a mega mega guilt thing / yes, save me / ı can see, ı am not blind / ı am guilty / mirror, mirror on the wall / look and see — halfway / ı realize there is no endlessness / eventually a ride ends and when it ends there will be darkness / love life / love, it is as it is / drive and listen to the radio and hear three words / three shallow words that make a powerful sentence of supreme moral superiority / ‘wir schaffen das’ / bang… bastaludwig, the moment that we realize that your youth becomes a story told in the past perfect tense we understand that one is a soul with a bag of esh and bones / day by day our body will degrade more and more / suddenly on good day, nothing left / our soul will not have a body, nothing to attach to / luckily it happens to us all and it makes us equal: rich and poor, men and women, white and black, cowboys and indians, beloved and hated / there is absolutely nothing, money and all the world’s knowledge or the powers that be, that will save our souls / no isms, deep thoughts or love can save us / time is the big equalizer and it will make the body disappear, then it will reincarnate in a new body and all will start again / time after time but each time slightly differently / for ‘now the sun turns out his light, good night sleep tight, dream sweet dreams for me, dream sweet dreams for you’


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