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in a daze ı see the chosen ones gracefully stride in the light of the late summer sun / ı came to walhalla for an answer to a very urgent question: why? / why what? / why, why? / salvation is a four-letter word / ı need sugar / why? / she is bitter — blood and soil / a thought / whose blood on whose soil? / there is a never-ending war inside of me / the battle of father’s colonial soldier’s blood and mother’s rightful claim to this soil / ‘east is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet (…) but there is neither east nor west (… ) when two strong men stand face to face’ / rage, killing in the name of love; white man’s burden / ‘ı don’t do what you tell me, ı won’t do what you tell me’ — victoria, victoria / the war, his bride / why is it that all culture is ignorant? / why are all men feminists? / why does time all fade to grey? / why do ı believe? / why do ı choose to have a choice? / why do ı never want to go back? / ı will remember to forget — ‘should have known better, to ignore the warning’ is our failure / ı love to hate disturbing thoughts / the dying summer breeze and soon the winter freeze / a quest of thousands on their way to ‘safe havens’ / nature, it kills out of indifference — grumble non- stop in 140 characters / ‘you can kiss me if you want, ı don’t mind’ but you have to choose between him and yourself / nonconformist believers, unite / a non- religious and intergalactic love story / let me take you there, to a place where the sun always shines / where roasted chickens y into my mouth / ‘gold and silver’, ‘these metals to be laid-up in any tower’, the masters, ‘make others wear a chain or a coronet of the same metal’ / the truth is an opinion, all swans are white, hey guys! that swan is black / or is it not? / and grumble non-stop in 140 characters / and ı didn’t do it, it is a witch hunt / yes, being guilty by suspicion and innocent by alternative facts / ‘oikophobia’ / conservatism as a metaphor for an illness / a somber and saddening idea and ‘ı guess ı heard it all, cause the talk is loud and the walls are too thin’ / freaks, geeks and weirdoes are like large gold shes in a small glass bowl that say bl / to see reality in perspective, you must be a freak, geek or weirdo / if you are one, you see who controls / with no further delay, we are very pleased, welcomed with great gratitude: hail to the chief, blame it on the freaks / deal and, ‘ı am gonna make your hand shake’ — what’s going on? / ‘who are they to judge us, simply because…‘? / 42 / why? / … / the universal answer to everything but what was the question? / up on the hill and look down, all creatures are insigni cant / as we please

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