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crossing the rubicon, alea iacta est / it was quiet in the west / ı was king in my little kingdom / ı lived my life cherishing the illusion that the good work was being done and that nothing had to change / abruptly, the truth died and mr and mrs bullshit are the new king and queen / all they advocate is more of the same / ı demand a new perspective / elon musk says we need to leave earth as soon as possible or risk extinction; seems to me an excellent idea of a man with a beautiful mind / to the stars and far beyond, ‘where no man has gone before’ / to a place where ı can be a human among humans — a face / modern times / a sell-out / a throwaway / disposable love and promises / why? / because we are living in a global world and we need the illusion of order in our chaotic world / and we called it a reality and we make ourselves believe that there is no other way than this way / we write laws that nobody needs / ı put my earphones on and though ı see your lips moving, ı hear music: ‘what the world needs now is love sweet love’ — there are almost as many chinese as roman catholics on this planet / most probably you have a chinese or catholic background / maybe both / unless you have an indian connection — it is inevitable that after living in a neo-liberal vacuum for a while, ‘something is rotten in the state of denmark’ / painful emptiness took over the minds and souls of the cultural avant-garde / ı google the word emptiness and get a hit: ‘the most misunderstood word in buddhism’ / what can ı do, where can ı hide? / … if you are who you are / they say there is ‘nothing to fear but fear itself’ / life, in times of war / q: are you friendly or hostile when you knock on my door? — engineers give the past a future / the preacher will give the future a past / and the businessmen, they are the present / glorious bull market / what will ı be? / a put or call option? — a brilliant mistake / faith as a source / it ‘cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another’


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