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‘all animals are equal’ / ‘whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy’ / yes and ı only hear what ı want to hear but ı have to believe in something / are we equals or enemies? / prometheus stole re from the gods and gave it to us and we are creating man-machines after our own image / am ı equal or an enemy? — my father died / my friend died / his loved ones will die / and ı will die / ı may die of old age, ı may die by hate / but thou shalt not kill / because all that remains are lost spirits / they cannot create their past or future / it’s happened and they cannot return — at home / it was a full house / they used to say: home is where the heart is / but now, it seems, they have abandoned it / ı believe, ı’m not 100% sure, that it was a friendly house, once / open 24|7 / open to anyone / was ı ignorant? / so, dear… / am ı or am ı not? / at home — somewhere between not to be and to be / between losers and winners / between a bitter loss or sweet victory / a bad decision and bitter defeat and a good pro table investment / so, ‘winner takes it all, loser takes the fall’ / could it be that what ı get, will depend on stupid dumb luck? / is it that simple? — if you feel an urge to say: ‘ı need to go home’ in 6,800 different languages be aware of what you are saying / ‘ı need to go home’ in 6,800 languages is just as hard to say as ı love you, no matter what / as it turns out, saying ‘ı hate’ is much easier — speculation lacks evidence / so, praise and sing / ı envy those who have past lives / ı do not envy those who have never been / however, envy is a capital sin

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