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made of honey and vinegar and ı go back to the mother ship / before I forget, the story is the search of a species towards a formless and shapeless utopian new world order / welcome / welcome to utopia / the world of the other 99%, who doubt if they are living in a wonderful but moody wonderland / a neo-liberal reality but it is a misconception, the answer is forty-two written in colourful neon / next to ‘crisis is over’, ‘it is like a civil war’ / everyone shouts ‘let it all out’ and no-one believes that ‘wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen’/ it is a little bit disappointing, the search of a species towards a formless and shapeless new world order / when this world cannot be explained in moody and grumbling non stop 140 characters / there is all swans are white swans and hey! there is a black one / there are a thousand reasons why ‘everybody wants to rule the world’ and one does / why? / ‘this land is your land and this land is my land’, this world is your world and this world is my world, sure / ‘every man a king and no one wears a crown’ / all life is from mars and no, a woman is not from venus / love — will ı be pretty, will ı be rich? / should ı be worried? / am ı prepared? / hurray, … neo-liberalist! / que sera sera / what will be, will be — on the front of a church in a small village in england, hangs a plaque with the invitation / ‘all are welcome’ / how creepy is it, not to be sure they practise what they preach? / ı’ve been told ı am a multicultural liberal / it is a way to say: naive / ı don’t mind but they are all wrong / ı am an indo, a roman catholic who’s inspired by the life and thoughts of st. francis and a strong believer that, if we lived life in a way which kant called categorical imperative, this world would be the long lost paradise / the answer to anger, fear and hatred is not more anger, fear and hatred but reason — message in a bottle from ‘lonely girl’ / hello, this is my first post / ı need to talk to someone so badly / ı have no friends / ı have no-one to talk to and ı’m so lonely ı can hardly stand it / ı am married but my husband doesn’t really talk to me / ı might as well not be married, we rarely do anything together / ı have a teenage daughter and she is my substitute friend / but a girl needs girlfriends someone to share things with and con de in and go shopping with and see a movie with / ı don’t have that / it is so depressing / ı’m fty years old and it hurts so badly to think that at this stage of my life ı am feeling so alone / such a failure / ı’ve never made friends easily but ı managed to have at least one except for the past ten years / now there is simply no-one / ı feel as if ı am the only one in the world that doesn’t have one single friend / ı could drop dead tomorrow and there’d be only two people at my funeral / ı have tried to make friends at work so at least ı have someone to talk to for a few minutes each day but ı eat lunch alone / ı come home and spend the evening alone in my bedroom until it’s time to go to bed / ı have tried, ı really have / ı’ve taken night classes and taken up crafts and gone to church events, all hoping to make a friend, but people just don’t take to me / ı just sit alone / ı’ve even had to leave events because ı couldn’t ght the tears any longer / ı’m not unattractive, ı dress decently, ı strike up conversations but ı’m obviously doing something wrong / ı wish someone would tell me what, so ı could change because it hurts so badly to be alone / how can ı be sure? / ı really want to know / ‘planet earth is blue and there’s nothing ı can do’ — it’s the media stupid! / marshal mcluhan wrote in 1964 ‘the media is the message’ / meanwhile, since 1964, we should have been aware of the fact that whatever we do or don’t, it’s the media / media and nothing but the media / twitterbots and trolls designing the world / right-wing or left-wing, alt-right, conservative, creationist, vegan and so on, it does not matter, it’s all about the media / it is the media! / it knows that there is always somebody who exactly displays the nature of ‘the great dictator’ but it knows for a fact that it will not change a thing / whatever one says or does because ‘the media is the message’/ once it attaches itself to a person’s mind it will do its thing— genetically each of us is less than 0.1% different from his fellow human beings and in case of a restart, eighty men and eighty women are needed to repopulate the earth / nature made us a true family / nurture: ignorance and hatred / by what law of god or man can someone, ı, my brother, our sister, our nephew and niece, claim to deny us our indisputable right to be where we want to be and to be what we want to be

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