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once upon a time / a good and simple life / fake! — ı can pretend that all is well
/ ı sense uncertainty avoidance or the degree to which a person in society feels uncomfortable with a sense of uncertainty and ambiguity / don’t like ‘kaas’, don’t like ‘stroop’ / it is not me / nevertheless, mr and mrs grocery shop owner, you have my sympathy / having said this / this is going nowhere — ‘my mom always said life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get’ / ı live in utopia; the grass is green and the cows are fat / the ditches are liquid chocolate / but how come that ı think, let’s start all over again / burn the witch and then ı build a castle and let everyone drown in their love / and ‘ı don’t care, ı love it’ / desdemona and othello, cio-cio-san and pinkerton, maria and tony, in love / the inescapable political consequence / ‘rage, rage against the dying of the light’ / a picture that ‘has ceased to be’ / sun, sea and wind / red and green, dog and goat, blood and more / why do ı lend my ears to idiots who want to be dorian gray who expresses the desire to sell his soul? / dressed like the boogie man he comes for you and wears a necktie, a black shirt and speaks double- dutch / his written and spoken sentences are a slow lethal poison / hear, hear the poets — the western liberal values: freedom, equality and justice / my indisputable right / our indisputable right / your indisputable right / their indisputable right / however, hard times for indisputable rights / as george orwell said: ‘all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others’ — it does not matter / what matters is, one day someone will come and say: oh boy, you did it wrong / wrong then, wrong now / it’s not because you didn’t know, but because you chose to be ignorant / and ı answer, unreservedly, yes! / but you know what? / why is it that we’d rather live in a concept of ignorance than become enlightened? / is it because, as a friend recently said to me, and ı quote: ‘cummanare è megghiu ca futtere!’ — live life in strange days? / fact or fiction, it’s hard to tell / you and ı know that facts are ultimately the result of spin / it’s been said: ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ / ı said it before and ı will say it again: ‘lonely stands the lighthouse keeper, waiting for what will happen’ / in full colour, 3d and with an epic soundtrack / see you soon, my dear friend

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