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no longer one’s mind is attached to a body / a new human-like species has been born, the future is here and now and ‘you can have it, have it all’ / with a little help from my digital friends ı can be a centaur, the six million dollar man and also the bionic woman all in one body / no need anymore to be as strong as a lion or as beautiful as the queen of sheba, a robot suit and photoshop will help / and very soon, very soon be a man, woman or both, black, white or blue it doesn’t matter anymore / what will matter is whether you are part of the dominant culture / instant access to full all my needs and by the way, ‘happiness is a warm gun’ — magnificent! / it’s true! / elephants create their living space by destruction and therefore we cannot be in the same space simultaneously / ı google ‘romanticism is a curse’ and ı hit ‘the revolt of the masses’ / suppose the elephant is romanticism, ı could not be in the same room simply because the elephant would crush me / not because the elephant is born evil; it is the nature of the elephant / a fact: in my lifetime white europeans and their descendants will be a minority in many ways / a fact: in my lifetime global climate change will have a direct impact on a local scale / a fact: in my lifetime workers doing 50% or more of all existing jobs will be replaced by robots or machines with artificial intelligence / q: why am ı not alarmed? / a: it is 2,188,484,943,400 metres to go — when x equals y, then an assumption is the proof / is believing in the goodness of the arts a commodity fetishism? / is having the intention to be involved equal to being engaged? / is showing empathy watching the eight o’clock news? / is we are the people one more argument and an ‘interesting point of view’? / and is the consequence of this argument and interesting point of view the people that is ı? / and the ‘truth’ is mine — dear quetiapine / let’s hang out, mate / sweet dreams, made of full-colour fields / blood-red, bitter acid yellow and deep dark cold blue / ı dreamed that ı could choose / bad luck, ı guess / my dear precious, for the first time in my life it is my belief that a large-scale war will come / war between brothers against brothers and sisters against brothers and sisters against sisters / all the signs are there but for now, all is well — see me be beautiful / see me be vip / the company of captain frans banninck cocq and lieutenant willem van ruytenburch preparing to march out / don’t ask; ı don’t tell / salute! — unstoppable / driven by faith / you can understand why / there is something / forgot what it is

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