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apparently, she is exactly the same every day / nothing will change her and yet every second she travels 299,792,458 metres towards her final destination / ‘there’s a killer on the road’ and ‘sweet memory will die’ / every second 299,792,458 metres more / and still she will stand guard, waiting for mercy / she knows, the truth is clearly visible only for a split second before it merges into useless words / ‘language is a virus from outer space’ / a virus operates autonomously, without human intervention / it attaches itself to a host / ı drove 150,000 kilometres to become aware that we are infected / talk, blah blah blah, every day exactly the same / that’s the way we like it —‘and there’s so much more, live alone in a paradise, that makes me think of two’ / old man, did you know my granddad? / his name was hassan, you fought in the same war as brothers / no one remembers him and there are no traces left except for one photo / and soon nobody will remember you, him or me / ı am like you, we live for the day, the difference is: you know it and ı am still in denial / beyond good and evil and neat and clean / genetically each of us is less than 0.1% different from his fellow human and in case of a restart, 80 men and 80 women are needed to repopulate the earth / nature made us a true family / nurture: ignorance and hatred / what law given by god or man can deny anyone, me, my brother, our sister, our nephew or niece, the right to be where we want to be and to be what we want to be? / and yes in the end, time will wash our sins away — once upon a time in the west / ı sing a song / ‘a-joeng a-joeng in die ho-ge klapper-boom’ / ‘a-joen aaoen masmira __ djangan mean gi-la’ / is this mine? / do ı want to come near? — my dear friend / my dear friend is what you see what you get? / my dear friend is creating / my dear friend is a true artist /no one can stop my friend / my dear friend believes that she has the indisputable right to happiness / my dear friend is under siege but stays cool and calm / my dear friend is not afraid of reason or of her desire and passion / my dear friend — running on empty / the boom box goes: bang bang tjiekie tjiekie boom boom / ‘in the room the women come and go, talking of michelangelo’ / how awesome it is to live in a fantasy — how to start to tell a story? / story of a search / a search of a species towards a formless and shapeless utopian new world order / welcome / welcome to utopia / the world of the other 99%, who live in a wonderful but moody wonderland / a new reality / a neo-liberal one / did you know that all life is from mars? / all men are from mars and no, women are not from venus / remember: before ı forget, frühstück bei tiffany / dedicated to my father tomic and my mother josefina / my grandfather hassan, even though he fought in the wrong war / my grandmother oto, rip / grandfather wilhelm, who told me the story of good and evil / my loveliest grandmother lisa, who always took the time to listen to my brain pains / sibu, father’s stepmother, a proud and graceful javanese woman, who made me aware ı am not different, they are / all my friends of the past, many names ı have forgotten, thanks for all wild and exciting useless nights and priceless memories / mira, who died far too young / all the women ı have loved, thanks for having had the privilege of spending time loving and hating myself / my sisters, blood is thicker than water / thanks to you all / see you later

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