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alternative facts wreck faith / ‘the truth is out there’ / ı see a global village and robots and an inexhaustible source of energy / soon computers will read my mind faster than ı am conscious of my own thoughts / soon my suit will give me strength which will make me feel like an ancient greek god / soon my life will be endless, if ı wish / when? / ten, twenty, thirty years from now, don’t know exactly but soon / have faith; ‘the kingdom of heaven’ on earth will come — ‘waiting for us’; ‘im westen nichts neues’ / ı am waiting, so hard to do / waiting for love and happiness / waiting / waiting for our ‘mon dieu’ / waiting for my piece of the cake / waiting for all that ‘who cares’ / waiting / waiting for a solution / ‘waiting for godot’ or a job / for justice, fairness, equality and peace / waiting for a sweetheart and her sweets / the taxes ı have to pay and death / waiting, waiting and even more waiting / waiting for the punishment for me and all who are not righteous / waiting for the day the present unfair and unjust globalization stops / waiting for the spirits of father and father’s father, ‘that ı overcome the strong and we overcome the hard’ / each and every second, waiting for us — be beautiful, be dull, be square, be my home / who, who has unconditional love? / well, let’s talk about where ı’m at home / possibly god created the world, but engineers my country — ‘all quiet on the western front’ / ‘in anders elds the poppies blow’ / guilty wasted land, wasted with wasted brave young men / ‘remember me’ is forgotten / forgotten the intriguing smell of rotting esh / old enemies died, new enemies are born / high fences and deep trenches, what a waste of time / so, what’s new? — how does it feel / the world in overdrive and so ı ask myself: what do ı get / which piece of the pie will be mine / war or peace, terror, poverty, ignorance and racism / idiots, false prophets and an über-loud populist promise to build a golden new jerusalem and the mob cheers / am ı alarmed? / not really, lying here on the beach with my two kids, enjoying the sun, the sea and the beach, here in barceloneta / tomorrow is an okay day for worrying — ı say it again and again / it’s not the economy, stupid! / it is not about gnp or the current international interest rate / not about swaps or whatever / not about the ‘shakers’, ‘shapers’ and ‘ xers’ and that ‘thing’ they have named and de ned as if it were real / no, it is not about the bull or the bear / it is about having perspective, hope and happiness / hail you global ‘shakers’, ‘shapers’ and ‘ xers’, all we need is a big-hearted sun and big-hearted people in a big-hearted world

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