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the future! — ‘come in’, she said / ‘ı’ll give you shelter from the storm’ / listen to these sentences in a song by bob dylan on auto repeat / over and over / it seems, if you’re inside everyone outside is an outsider / yes, it is a dream and a beautiful view, mr / yes and call me mr, mr — one two three / four ve six / seven eight nine ten / true loving / numbers / ı am / length multiplied by width and height / mass times gravity equals weight / time and speed are equal to a weightless sweet memory / numbers / true democracy, numbers / bliss and gloom, numbers / prosperity, numbers / stay or go, numbers, numbers and more numbers / ı am a number therefore ı am / when ı pass on, numbers / faith and fate, numbers / one two three / four ve six / seven eight nine ten — no tears / night and day, day and night / nature and nurture / one door closes and an other one opens / goodbye / an era that ends / a marriage that was supposed to be made in heaven came to be an insane divorce party / the third way seems to be a disappearing act / it was fun for as long as it lasted / the magic is gone and the mob screams, ina state of dismay: ‘what next’ / rage and fear, eats and spits out / nature and nurture / that simple — reality is merely a descriptive text / a chair is a chair is a chair is a chair / ‘and an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and anyway ı told the truth’ / text does not change a thing, perception does / and guns do kill / and words do too / and passion / ‘every day is exactly the same’; do these words express comfort or despair to you? / and we do what we do / it’s going to take a lot of love and hate to get us through the day, it’s a thin line / anyway, in the meantime, ı am searching for my peace of mind — all men are altruistic / all men are created equal / all men are winners / all men are racist / ‘yet each man kills the thing he loves, by each, let this be heard’ / finally ashes to ashes, dust to dust and after cain killed his brother abel, ’ı will be a restless wanderer on the earth’ / from the moment one is born, one is desperately trying to nd one’s way back home / what was he thinking?


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