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my dog / she is old, seventeen almost eighteen / we walked roughly 40,000 kilometres / while we walked, there was war in iraq, afghanistan, former yugoslavia, in sudan, rwanda, congo, palestine and many, many more countries / there was ethnic cleansing, a financial system collapsed and the businessman became a populist who went into politics and is ‘going short’ / art became the white man’s burden’s most pursued entertainment / a real estate crisis and having a home is an indisputable human right / realize that climate change is for real / my two sons were born and ı divorced / there was winter, summer, autumn and spring / one day on one of our walks, wolfje just like ‘remedios the beauty’, simply ew away — fifty-six / half full or half empty / is this what ı had in mind? / this uncertain feeling / ı have been back and forth / the price to pay was too high for many of us and the pro ts are for the few / watch tv, see a young woman in high heels dressed in priceless underwear, calling herself an angel and all she is doing is showing off her selling points / ı see a young man, a sport jock, act like an olympian god, looking down on us lesser mortals, we are unable to understand why we worship him / ı want to be like them, not because of who they are but because of what they have / life is so nice if you have / home! — maria theresa’s lapdog / waiting for his love in vain / to be or not to be, ı do not care / be — not be, under — over-privileged ı do not care / being oppressed and submissive, ı do not care / racism and bigotry, ı do not care / the one thing ı do care about, is ı / it’s about me / waiting for my turn — …and there are dogs / noun: a domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell, non-retractile claws, and a barking, howling, or whining voice / ınformal: an unpleasant, contemptible or wicked man — ‘go ahead, make my day’ / home! / a place where ı learned / hue and cry / always anxiety / the eternal nagging fear of missed opportunities / am ı or am ı not? / if not ı, who? / yes, the competition is strong / it’s lonely at the top — do lovers apologize when the feeling for the one they once loved has gone and hate and disdain is what’s left? / no / do politicians apologize for the lies, the false and empty promises they are willing to make in order to win? / no / are there artists willing to apologize that they are no longer free spirits, only the next gig? / no / is there anyone willing to apologize for the damage that is being done to this earth and all its creatures great and small? / it does not matter even if it is of no importance who is to blame / no / ı am a dog / ı guard and fight / my teeth are sharp and pointed and ı will not hesitate / sorry


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