#213 / 22-11-2015 / HEY GUYS! THAT SWAN IS BLACK

ludwig, the moment that we realize that your youth becomes a story told in the past perfect tense we understand that one is a soul with a bag of flesh and bones / day by day our body will degrade more and more / suddenly on good day, nothing left / our soul will not have a body, nothing to attach to / luckily it happens to us all and it makes us equal: rich and poor, men and women, white and black, cowboys and indians, beloved and hated / there is absolutely nothing, money and all the world’s knowledge or the powers that be, that will save our souls / no isms, deep thoughts or love can save us / time is the big equalizer and will make our body disappear and then it will reincarnate in a new body and it will all start again / time after time but every time slightly different / for ‘now the sun turns out his light, good night sleep tight, dream sweet dreams for me, dream sweet dreams for you’

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