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once upon a time in das abendland / here ı want to be / have visions of winters from the future past / in front of me: the white cold nothing / behind me cheerleader cheers populist fuss, fuss, fusses / there are more things inevitable than tax and death / one: love / two: compassion / three: desire / come on, spend a night with me — past life / it looks so much better from the other side / that uncertain feeling, tomorrow will never be / watch the news at six and hear words of discomfort / hamlet in paradise; the musical / ‘come, come, and sit you down; you shall not budge, go not until ı set up a glass, where you may see the innermost part of you’— from one day to the next / ı close my eyes; it is a long hard way / nowhere else to go / feel, cannot go home / to all for whom the war never ends / life starts all over / again, again and again — activism is hard work, empathy too / ‘viele sterben zu spät, und einige sterben zu früh — noch klingt fremd die lehre: stirb zu rechten zeit’ / ı wonder, will ı remember what ı wanted to forget / proud, the day that we planted these trees / this teacher hailed us and he proclaimed ‘you boys you’ve saved the world’ / my dear father, ı never had any consideration for the truth you hid in your spiritual prison / the world must have been lonely for you as a young boy, a witness of raw murder / no respect for your truth / since you had to live on borrowed time / assimilation was your award / to me it was home, for you never / ı am, the son that wished not to know — must be / wherever you go, the privileged use and abuse it for their own good / they argue, that’s their fortune / rich and blessed / the unfortunate pay the debts, they’re poor and doomed / ergo: if nature is divine, how come it tolerates us on this planet? / ‘all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others’ — make love, not war / 2016, paranoia is widespread / what are they doing with our water / what makes us blue / biohazard / or contamination of the atmosphere / oh my, oh my; ‘soylent green is people’ / you believe that strength of will or faith defines reality and that truth is a matter of conviction, instead of independent facts / cultural conservatism; a metaphor for mental disorder


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