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my dear protagonist, have you found what you were looking for? / was it love, was it wealth or was it lust? / playerette, this world was yours / my dear, you are hunted, your existence is denied, your beauty observed with envy and lust, despised and loved but above all, free / thanks / one is more than a social security number, bank account number, a passport or visa and besides, you are a ghost / ı envy you for that / yes, ı make my past / that’s why there is no excuse / ı can change the present which is just a bunch of numbers / we are all just a ‘poor slob without a name’ and like you, ı do not need a family, anger, dissolved and washed away — grüß gott / welcome / visa or master? / platinum, gold or silver? / dollar, pound or euro? / yuan, ruble? / they say god loves all / who? / that is not exactly clear / but as it seems, gott begrüßt everyone, as long you have access to visa or master, platinum, gold or silver, dollar or pound, euro or yuan, ruble or yen / tolerance for all currencies: yellow, green, black and red — walking hand in hand / comrades, lovers and all you believers / gathering under the black, red or any other fucking coloured ag / furiously screaming ‘we shall overcome’ / ‘no-one can stop us now’ / and yes we can and we will / don’t know yet when or even why, but / have no doubts / it will grow and bloom, soon / eldorado — a romantic misconception of the middle class: ‘the common man’ / raised by wolves, having a low self-esteem and always in ghting mode / no reason to get excited / his culture is banal / his music is utterly stupid / his food is salt and sugar / believes in nothing but money and goods / rather than believing that he can become human, he only needs to choose to be / he prefers to believe that being ‘the common man’ is an achievement in itself / ‘the common man’, he desperately needs a leader who leads and tells, who’s to blame / nothing glorious, ‘the common man’ / ı know… — tomorrow will not be more beautiful than today / now seems to stray between yesterday and tomorrow / the speed of light is 299,792,458 m|s / past second is 299,792,458 metres behind me and the next second is 299,792,458 metres ahead / now, for a fraction of a moment, all movement is frozen and ı have a clear view / the truth is, no-one can stop time and even the lying manipulative media-obsessed sel e-loving populist post- modern neo-liberal politician cannot change that — this journey nears its end / ı travelled from the north to the south and from the west to the east / drifting through a new uncertain and slightly paranoid europe / and there are a thousand and one reasons to have doubts / a thousand and one reasons to keep on moving / a thousand and one reasons not to want to go home / a thousand and one reasons to have trust and not / a thousand and one reasons to be fty-six years old and to know what despair is but not the despair of a war / a thousand and one reasons to doubt that it will happen / but in my subconscious there is that perturbing feeling / there are a thousand and one reasons why


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