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reality is like living in a skybox / spending borrowed time in a comfort zone, looking out over the scenery / it makes your eyesight blurred / some will believe that it is a play, the fools / yes, yes… the big picture / you’ve got me there / happily, there is always a professional hello in the skybox / say cheese / life in the skybox — the life of joe, peter or jan banana is a 99% bore / its highlight is everyday happiness / this is perfectly ne for me / clean and lean / passionate desire to be / 50,000 waiting to join — never trust words of comfort / living in times of con icting words; how ı am working hard and it isn’t an easy job to survive / ı was born with the will to live / as a young adult ı became a punk without a cause / when ı became older, ı had to learn there is no ‘ı want’ but a ‘you must’ / then when ı reached thirty- ve it was my conviction: you’d better get used to it / at 55, ı start to grumble: ‘once everything was better, once ı was a warrior’ / fortunately, at eighty and more, if ı survive, ı will forget it — the market / ‘erst kommt das fressen, dann kommt die moral’ – ‘denn wovon lebt der mensch?’ / a thin line between greed and compassion / ‘liberté, egalité et fraternité’ / maximization, paci cation and the game of supply and demand — 150,000 kilometres, 2,160 days and nights, 7,500 litres of diesel, hours on the road / the same monotonous sound of turning wheels, sleeping in somebody else’s bed and ‘hungry, so angry’ / a journey into the soul of a dear old mistress / no redemption, she is exactly the same every day / to have a thousand and one reasons to love and hate her / no-one listening to her music, the only divinely sublime form of art / loud music and mind-blowing silences / mon dieu / deus ex machina / she is a lady, old, abused, confused and misled and her name is europe / she sings in a thousand voices and she sings: ‘every man a king but no one wears a crown’ — woman smokes / table smile / waiting for mr mr or is she addicted? / should ı say hello? / if she says hello, will ı reply? / it reminds me sadly, ı am not the father ı should be / not the father ı might be / but there is nothing so sad and lonely as a woman who smokes in a place where only the table smiles


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