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‘michael, row the boat ashore’ / forgotten / peter, paul and mary / the slave ships / waiting for an intervening god who leads us out of darkness into light / the black ships, despair and loneliness / pink moon, black sun / the merciless greed and shame / the reinvention of us / michael, unfold your powerful wings, let your sword rest and row the boat ashore — rage / and ı like marmalade / coffee and toast / mother is tired / works hard, she goes to bed for the long sleep / at ease , makes me restless and more / it is inevitable / no more doubts or questions or guilt / the balance is restored / mother leaves and one day, mother will be back — made in germany 2.0 / lederhose and laptop / beer and bitcoins / popular culture in a high-tech world / avant-garde as intended / ah um… / look, jeff koons / damien hirst worshippers, eat your heart out — superman, spiderman, batman, your service is desperately needed / lex luthor and his idiot thugs are threatening this world, again / destruction by mass immigration, mass exploitation of the earth and all creatures great and small, blindness to facts in the shallow media, fake opinion leaders and populist politicians, never-ending greed of bankers and their shareholders / all we need is a little bit more marvel / sos — unsettledness! / q: how likely is it that it hurts me – how badly will it hurt – can ı eat it or can it eat me? / a: yes and you can’t get away – a lot – yes! / fear sells better than sex / fear sells insurance, mortgage and the newspaper / a commodity of supremacy / something you do not want, but will have — commodity, commodity / all creatures great and small / birds of prey / prey / all creatures great and small / my illusions, your disillusions / do not go, you hypocrite, lying fool / words that make us murderers / love / all creatures great and small


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