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on the fifth of january, it is on the tenth of january, before I forget, us on the twelfth of january, a thin lineon eight of february, down by the riveron the fiftheenth of february, witch on the twenty-second of february, england on march two, sister says, reflection on march two, the weather is so depressedon the fifth of april, the borderon april six, a lovely day on the tenth of april, dark soil on the sixteenth of may, a man reeds a tabloid on the beachon the fourth of june,we do not care were you come from or were you going to – on the nineteenth of june, crossing in the evening a street with white stripeson the twentieth of june, cool bleuon the twenty-second of july, a misunderstanding, a problem and no solutionon the seventeenth of august, J.C on the eighteenth of august, spandau, a vision of beauty between two stops on the twenty first of september, o ya – on the twenty-third of october, white with black, black with white, zebraon the twenty-eighth of october, a homeon the eleventh of november, a dreamer and a treeon the twenty-third of november, under a same cloudon the twenty-second of november. the bridge on the ninth of december, I’ve got all the time of the world and do what I please and I merge colours into the grey on the sixteenth of december, my room with a vieuw about: Before I forget, DIE WANDERUNG